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Instal-Life is excited to introduce the newly developed most advanced Christian High Definition (HD) Set Top Box in Australasia. We have been liaising with our counterpart, the Christian Satellite TV market leaders in the USA, to co-develop a NEW unit with amazing features to benifit your family.

You can watch the BEST Christian Channels via satellite including: GOD TV, Daystar, ACCTV, TBN Pacific, Inspriation plus many more. PLUS THE NEW HILLSONG TV CHANNEL!

Instal-Life's exclusive IPTV list will open up another world of options including: BVOV, Church Channel, JUCE & Smile of a Child and many more PLUS world news channels like CNN, BBC etc. Then we have developed a Video On Demand (VOD) section to enable you to pick and choose your own content, including Christian & secular movies.

If you have Christian TV but are missing the TBN & HILLSONG channels; YOU WILL NEED TO RESCAN OR GET OUR NEW HD SET TOP BOX to continue viewing the channel.

The GOOD news is our HD box is the most ADVANCED, plug and play, that is ready to AUTOMATICALLY update any NEW, modified or expired channels via Wi-Fi.

Please continue to read on to learn all about the benefits of our new HD set top box.

Wayne & the Instal-Life Team.

The Three Missing TBN Channels Are Available On Our IPTV List

Upgrade your Set Top Box Today For TBN & Hillsong TV!

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Tickbox pointerHD & SD played simultaneously so you can watch ALL channels on the satellite.
Tickbox pointerThe ability to perform automatic updates via Wi-Fi as NEW channels are added OR when they move frequency
Tickbox pointerChannels pre-programmed in the order of most popular to least popular.
Tickbox pointerRECORDABILITY – External USB & with a built-in 16Gb drive for hours of recording time.
Tickbox pointerIPTV Channel options via your Wi-Fi connection.
Tickbox pointerHDMI cable input into your TV for picture quality.
Tickbox pointerBEST OF ALL you will receive a discount if you ORDER TODAY!
       AND recieve over $1000 worth of FREE Resource Gifts – see below!!!

Attention Christian TV Viewers:

Are you concerned about channels moving to HD and missing out?


Your options:

If you have a Standard Definition Set Top Box installed then your current Set Top Box will not pick up the HD channels any longer. You will be without them permanently if you do not upgrade your set top box. However, you have two options:

1.  Do nothing and watch all the remaining channels including GOD TV, which are available via satellite in SD

2.  Click Here & Fill in the ORDER form TODAY to secure your SPECIALLY PRICED UPGRADED HD UNIT and have your set top box replaced within the next week.

“Instal-Life Can Help You Get A Compliant HD Set Top Box,
Watch More Channels, Record You Favorite Programs,
Receive Automatic Updates, And Even Support
Missions Work  With Every Transaction”

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 Tickbox pointerMost Advanced Set Top Box Available in Australasia
 Tickbox pointerConnects to Satellite TV, Internet TV, FreeView – all in one!
 Tickbox pointer16 GB memory already built in
 Tickbox pointerThe option to add USB stick for more memory if required.
 Tickbox pointerIPTV offering you thousands of additional channels at no additional cost.
 Tickbox pointerNEVER need to SCAN your box again! Automatic full updates via Wi-Fi and/or via satellite to ensure you have all the right channels in the right order on both your satellite TV and your IPTV TV channels.
 Tickbox pointerComes with over $1000 worth of free books, CDs and DVDs from 30 plus ministries that endorse what we do (Max. 1 per house hold)  
 Tickbox pointer$150,000 invested into R&D and engineered by leading USA satellite TV company.
 Tickbox pointer100% of the profits of every unit sold goes to missions.

10,000 + prisoners and counting are watching GOD TV in their cells today because of Instal-Life Customers! You can be one of them today!


You always get what you pay for! Instal-Life always provides you with the BEST options at the BEST value!

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Instal-Life has now served 40,000+ viewers across Australia & New Zealand. We currently do NOT have large amounts of HD Boxes in stock, order ASAP to avoid long waits.


AUS: 1300 LIFE TV (1300 54 33 88)     NZ: 0800 LIFE TV (0800 54 33 88)

Utilise the ORDER FORM or email us at: if you have any questions.

With so many Instal-Life customers, we have FANTASTIC buying power to order the BEST & MOST ADVANCED units at wonderful prices. You will be impressed with the Instal-Life HD set top box units that you Order today.

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Dear Christian Satellite TV Viewer,

Have you lost some of your favorite Christian channels recently?

Are you wondering HOW to watch the NEW 24/7 Hillsong Channel?

Do you need a new High Definition set top box to watch ALL the Christian TV channels on the satellite?

Do you struggle to watch your favorite programs and live conferences, as you can’t make time when they are on TV?

Do you feel frustrated when channels on the satellite MOVE or change frequencies?

Do you struggle with a limited channel selection and language choice for Christian TV? Are you often hoping to give more of your resources to spread the Gospel?

Do you put off things you really want to do in life (Missions Trips, Read the Bible, Pray, Study at Bible College, spend more time with family, chase your God dreams, etc) because you’re always “busy” and have no time to do anything else?

Would you like to grow your faith levels, see more miracles in your life, and feel closer to God… but you can’t because you’re not really sure how?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions then keep reading, this letter is definitely for you…

Whether you’re a new Christian, a Pastor, or in full time ministry – you’re probably hoping to grow in your walk with the Lord.

What if you could go from where you are right now to growing your faith levels in your whole family (from babies to retirees) by watching less hours of television, but highly selected anointed content for just a few hours, few hours a week- giving you more time to engage in successful Career, Study, Friendships, Family, Church & Ministry?

You’ll discover how a lot of Christians are using the latest technology breakthroughs to automate every aspect of their TV experience – from cartoons for Children to multilingual Channels on IPTV used to witness to the nations and the latest up to date global Christian news.

This allows them to learn more about God, connect with what God is doing around the world, raise their children with Christ centered programming -- without draining every last spare moment of time to watch TV.

This means they have time for their family, friends, ministry and church. They get to savor the rich experiences this Christian Satellite & IPTV world has to offer – not just ‘watch regular TV’ all the time.

Photo of Jacqui

How Jacqui Saved Time & Cut Down TV watching with a Recordable Instal-Life HD Satellite & IPTV Set Top Box

You may be thinking: “Instal-Life, I don’t have the expertise to use this type of technology”.

That’s where our Full Time Office Staff & Network of Technician’s right across AUS & NZ comes to your rescue. You can confidently depend on our team to help you not only get connected but get the most out of your Christian TV – starting with a simple Order Form to buy your new Instal-Life Box.

For example, take my friend Jacqui. She had Christian TV with a normal SD set top box. TBN just changed to HD so she lost 3 channels. With our new HD set top box, not only does she get those channels back, she can record anything she likes, even if not at home, while future proofing her Christian TV experience with HD, IPTV. And the best part is she will never have to scan her set top box or order her channels again as the unit downloads every available channel and orders it automatically via her Wi-Fi connection.

She doesn’t have children at home anymore, but when she babysits her grandchildren there are now Christ centered channels that run 24/7 dedicated for the teens and also the youngest ones…and she spends only about 2-3 hours per week watching exactly what she wants to watch as it’s all recorded or available via VOD. She is achieving a more intimate relationship with Jesus and improving her lifestyle through the power of technology.

I saw an example of this when I had a meeting with her recently at a conference.

At the end of the conference she expressed how she has been a Christian most of her life, but was now so grateful to have Christian TV with Instal-Life as over a relatively short amount of time she has learnt more about the Bible and deepened her relationship with Jesus, family and Church because of the things she has learnt on Christian TV. 

Using this new technology, she can watch what she wants when she wants from literally hundreds of channels and there is something available for all age groups.

This is just one small example…
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At “Instal-Life” we will show you how to use the new HD IPTV Boxes in your home step-by-step. So you can create a smooth-running, time-rich lifestyle – watching less TV but more effectively – just like my friend Jacqui.

The truth is over the past 1-2 years new technology breakthroughs have revolutionised the way people are watching Christian TV at home.

Global Live Conferences… More Local Content & Languages….
High Definition Satellite Channels…  Recordability… Automatic Updates…
Child & Teen Channels… Global Body Connecting… Video Sharing and much more.

The new breakthrough in technology has made it faster, easier and more time efficient to grow your faith levels, watch what you want – when you want… And 100% of the profits goes towards Missions Work!

30 full-time missionaries (and counting) are fully funded because of Instal-Life Customers! You can partner today by purchasing our NEW Set Top Box!

The Best Part….

You will also receive an “Instal-Life Resource Pack” for FREE (Value $1000+ one per family)… It contains FREE BOOKs, DVD’s, CDs etc from 30 Ministries. You simply pick the gifts you want and they get posted to your home FREE (no postage costs or anything!). NOTE: This offer is only available if you have never received one before!

Instal-Life is endorsed by GOD TV, Joyce Meyer Ministries, Michael Youssef , Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Jerry Savelle, Billy Graham, Kenneth Hagin, Benny Hinn, Jesse Duplantis, Reinhard Bonnke, Hillsong TV - Brian Houston, Empart, Destiny Rescue, Christians Against Poverty and many MORE. These ministries and many more want to give you a FREE resource gift just for being a customer with Instal-Life Christian TV.

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As you can see Instal-Life is holding nothing back in helping you get the

BEST equipment at the BEST value with the BEST bonuses available in Australasia!

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"Instal-Life Can Help You Get A Compliant HD Set Top Box, Watch More Channels, Record Your Favorite Programs, Receive Automatic Updates, And Even Support Missions Work With Every Transaction”