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If you ahve not already received one, you will get a FREE Resource Pack booklet to redeem over $1000 worth of Chritian Resources (DVD's, Books, CDs etc).

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Instal-Life Mission:

You can receive a FREE HD box in exchange for supporting Missions Work. 100% of your contribution will go to Missions!!!

Instal-Life has some audacious mission’s goals…

We are believing to install GOD TV into every single prison cell across AUS & NZ, believing to fund 100 Full Time Missionaries & believing to help many remote aboriginal communities connect to Christian TV.

To date we fund 30 missionaries, we’ve installed GOD TV into 23 prisons (10,000 inmates can watch in their cells) and many remote aboriginal communities & rehab centres have access to Christian TV.

We fund these projects through our profits and also with EVERY CENT given to us by people on our FreshStart Missions Contributions.

You too can partner and get a FREE Set Top Box and full parts and labour replacement cover on all your equipment as a thank you for your support!



Join the Missions Plan & get a FREE HD Box:

I would like to contribute $5/week + GST or more, knowing that every cent is going to missions for 24 months (min.)

In exchange I understand that I will receive a FREE HD Box and FULL warranty for all my existing satellite equipment.

CLICK HERE to become a Missions Plan Supporter partnering with Instal-Lie to take the Gospel to those who need it to the most and to get yourBRAND NEW HD Box free of charge.

We appreciate your support and your heart in giving to missions.

Thank you!


Missions Plan Contributor:

If you are currently on the Instal-Life Missions Plan to hire your equipment (with 100% of the pro­fits to missions) please call our office if you wish to easily UPGRADE to a HD set top box.

Instal-Life Australia:                      1300 54 33 88 (1300 LIFE TV)

Instal-Life New Zealand:               0800 54 33 88 (0800 LIFE TV) 

If you do not yet have any Christian TV Instal-Life at home please call us on the numbers above OR CLICK HERE to redeem your free DVD titled ‘Watch What Matters’ today.

PLEASE VISIT: www.mychristiantv.com.au for full details.


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100% Profits Go To Missions!
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